Simply Enjoy Who You Have

Why you should just enjoy your spouse and what you’ve already created together

You can’t enjoy your spouse when you’re in the comparison zone.

If you’ve started down the comparison rabbit hole you’re already missing out.  You’re failing spectacularly by missing out on enjoying who your spouse is and what you’ve created and established with them right now.

Comparison isn’t realistic. Comparison can throw your mind in the deep end of being unappreciative, thankless and ungrateful. See my previous posts on why comparison is dangerous and why gratefulness is the hack you need in your marriage.  Moving into the comparison zone will disconnect you from your spouse because you’ll feel like you’re missing out because you chose them and maybe they’re holding out on you.

Instead of dwelling on the comparison, move into gratefulness and simply ENJOY who you have and what you have right now.  Is it perfect? Probably not. Will it ever be? Nope. So why not enjoy it anyway?

Slow down and simply enjoy her. Enjoy her smell, her curves, the way she laughs and loves. Enjoy who she has become. Enjoy the little things about her. Her generosity. Her strengths and the ways you both cover each other’s weaknesses.  Enjoy her presence and her closeness. Enjoy that she’s with you.

Just enjoy him. For the way he loves you. For what he’s building for you and your family. For how he tries and sometimes fails hilariously. Enjoy his body, his face, the way he opens up and shares his life with you now. Enjoy his closeness, the little things he does that say “I love you” and his presence in your life.

Stop focusing on what isn’t for a while.  Focus on what IS. On what you have, right now. And enjoy it. Drink it in. Let it be bliss to you even despite its imperfections.

Enjoyment is linked to gratefulness. But also to the choice to not need to fix everything immediately. Happiness is a choice as well as coming from external experiences.  Choose to simply enjoy your spouse today.

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